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How to spend your honeymoon in Egypt and Turkey

By : Adesua Emmanuel | Jun 25, 2020

Are you planning for a honeymoon? Then you can explore two different places at one go in Egypt & turkey. You can have awsome Honeymoon in Egypt & Turkey for 15 days in which you can explore the most ancient attractions, including the beautiful pyramids in Cairo and the Valley of Kings, You can venture into vast untamed Sahara desert & visit lush tropical oases while traveling in Egypt. Whereas in turkey you can experience Turquoise blue waters, glowing markets, remarkable historical sites, and beautiful landscapes Turkey has it all. Both the country has an amazing mix of culture and natural beauty to give you an amazing & memorable honeymoon that you are looking for. Don’t worry about the budgets Egypt and Turkey tours are quite pocket-friendly.On average if you spend 15 days in Egypt & Turkey you just have to spend $2509 only.


If you want to make your honeymoon more memorable then you have an option to board a 5-star Nile river cruiser & sail along with them along with the world’s longest river in the lap of luxury. From Romantic candle, toto lit dinners in Cario, to the amazing Bedouin sunset dinners at an oasis under the beautiful twinkling stars. You can take this memorable cruise to make your honeymoon like nothing you have ever imagined. Cruise is one of the best things one can experience in Egypt's tour.

Honeymoon at Egypt 


Some time only words can’t explain everything, Traveling the best honeymoon places in Egypt with your better half is the ultimate way to kindle all your intimate longings while relishing the best of nature. I will tell you the 4 top places in Egypt that are perfect for a honeymoon couple. Every year 5 lake honeymooner comes on Egypt tour.

1. Cairo – Discover Love By The River Nile:- The capital is having a huge list of most romantic places in Egypt. Pyramid complex, ancient museum, & amazing & adorable architecture from the ancient times make Cairo a hot favorite among honeymoon couples. 


Romantic thing to do in cario: -Spend an amazing romantic evening at Cario Opera House, take a tour to of Aquarium Grotto, Garden (the only fish garden in Cairo), go for a lovely drive across Kobry Asr El Nil, lovely Egyptian food with candlelight.

2. Sharm El Sheikh –The Color Of Love


The Egyptian town is well known for its amazing resorts, turquoise waters, coral reefs, & sandy beaches. The amazing fact is this Sharm El Sheikh lies between the desert of Sinai Peninsula &the amazing the Red Sea makes it best honeymoon destinations in Egypt.


Romantic thing to do in Sharm El Sheikh :-

You can take Desert safari with your better half.Can take a tour of Naama Bay (Which is especially known for beach, restaurant, hotel, bars ).Witness the amazing sunrise view at Moses mountain.

3.Aswan – Cruising Through The Historical Sites

This is one of the other Egypt Honeymoon places presenting the ideal conditions for a romantic couple. The amount town, stuffed into the Egyptian land, wears almost every shade of orange and blue that makes it perfect for new couples. Your dream honeymoon will turn into reality after visiting this place.


Romantic Things to do in Aswan:-You can take a private tour to High Dam of Aswan , ride a camel, dine at riverboat restaurant & enjoy the amazing Egyptian cuisine.

4.Dahab – Magical Blue Hole


This one of the most visited places in Egypt for lovebirds. Dahab is a beautiful city is situated in the southeast of the Sinai peninsula. One of the best dine-in & most romantic restaurants are situated here, Thier are multiple options like -Ali Baba, Yalla Bar and Churchill’s. Couples come here to spend some quality time as well to enjoy the most delicious Egyptian cuisine.

Honeymoon in Turkey


Planing for the honeymoon in Turkey? colorful bazaars, remarkable historic sites, amazing landscapes, Turquoise blue waters. This wonderful county is a mix of culture& natural beauty which is best suited for a honeymoon couple. Turkey can be the ideal destination for budding married life to bloom. Below are the best places that best for honeymooners in turkey:-

1. Istanbul – The Imperial City


This is one of the most amazing places for honeymooners in entire Turkey. This is a place where the east meets the west. This city of Istanbul is a combination of beautiful architecture, extraordinary cultural experiences, vibrant nightlife, and scrumptious food.


Best time visit: -September -November


Romantic things do at Istanbul –Take the Bosphorus cruise to see the whole city including the European and Asian shores. Lovebirds can go to the charming villages of Bebek and Ortaköy known for their trendy nightlife.

2. Pamukkale – The Gorgeous Cotton Castle


Looking for the best honeymoon destination in Turkey? This place is one of the most famous landmarks which is known for its enchanting beauty of its unique geological formations but also its historical remains. When your planning a honeymoon trip to turkey then don’t miss this destination.


Best Time to visit: -April to October 


Romantic things to do in Pamukkale: -Take a dip in the Travertines, the dazzling white calcite cliff formed by the area’s hot springs. Spend your entire day at Pamukkale’s Antique Pool to experience a soothing experience for yourself in mineral-rich hot spring water.



This is one of the most amazing places in turkey for the newlywed couple.Antalya has a combination of beaches historical ruins and natural beauty, this is a perfect spot on the Turkish Riviera to spend your honeymoon. 


Best Time to visit: -April or October


Romantic things to do in Antalya: -Travel up to Mount Tahtali in a wonderful cable car for an amazing panoramic view of the coastline and the beautiful Taurus Mountains.

4. Oludeniz And Fethiye


This place is commonly known as Turquoise Coast, Oludeniz is blessed with clear waters, pine-clad valleys and mountains for an amazing honeymoon in this beautiful country Turkey amidst breathtaking natural beauty.


Best Time: -April and June or September and October.



So pack your bag with close as Egypt & turkey is waiting for one more love bird.