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How to spend best 16 days in Egypt & Turkey

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jun 8, 2020

So you are planning a fantastic Egypt and Turkey travel? There is a lot to see in these places, indeed. But

how to schedule your visits, choose all the must-sees and enjoy the best of this adventure? We will

show you how to spend best 16 days in Egypt & Turkey!

1) Choose the right time to enjoy the best of the Pyramids of Giza


For your Egypt and Turkey travel it is needless to say that the Giza Pyramids are THE spot and most

probably they already are included in your itinerary but what about of how making the best out of this

experience? If you are travelling on the peak of summer, you should avoid the heat between 10am to

4pm at least, and it is nice to go back in the evening to see the Light & Sound show when temperatures

are more pleasant. Otherwise, the sunrise or sunset by the pyramids are mesmerizing at any time of the

year. Think about the amazing pictures you will be able to take!

2) Take a Nile Cruise between Luxor & Aswan


Visiting the ancient Egyptian temples is amongst the top experiences you can have but a way to get the

most of it is by taking a Nile cruise. Instead of staying at a traditional hotel, having one that follows you

wherever you go, admiring the Nile, and enjoying entertaining activities on board is different and very

pleasant. There are tones of cruises to satisfy all types of adventures and duration.

3) Do different things: Nubian Village


Your Egypt and Turkey travel would be great with something authentic, so why not including a local

experience? The Nubians, from Upper Egypt and South Sudan, are one of the oldest civilization in the

world, and their villages are along the Nile in Aswan. Visiting their beautiful and colourful settlements,

having an authentic Nubian tea, and learning from their traditions is a great way to step out of our

comfort zone, about the simple life, and enjoy nature.

4) Get lost in Khan el Khalili


There are attractions that are the identity of a place, and the Khan El Khalili bazar certainly is Cairo's. It is

one of the oldest and most famous souks in the Middle East, founded in the XIV century, which makes of

Khan El Khalili a very rich place, with alleys that look like a maze and hidden surprises in many corners.

People take the opportunity to buy souvenirs but even if don't want to purchase anything a visit to this

place pays off due the simple fact of being there, among locals, sellers, cafeshops (including the oldest in

Cairo), fantastic architecture, and so much more.

5) Look for the details on Hagia Sophia's walls


Moving your Egypt and Turkey travel now to Turkey! Hagia Sophia is the most famous tourist attraction

in Istanbul and it is truly an amazing place. Once there, you will see how Islam and Christianity meet, and see a place that has resisted time and survived for centuries. Take your time to localize on the paintings

on the walls as many elements you can find about it, it is a rich opportunity to get to know more about a rich part of History.

6) Enjoy a Bosporus Tour


There are many amazing things about Istanbul but the geographical fact it is the only city in the world

located in two continent is amazing. You cannot miss the experience of enjoying a cruise along the


Bosporus, the strait that connects the Asian and European continents. Not only it is a pleasant

experience as you can give a look onto many of famous attractions located along the strait.

7) See all Cappadocia's beauty from above


Cappadocia is a place of natural wonders and unique rock formations. Therefore it is fair that you

admire all this place can offer from above and join a spectacular show of balloons in the sky. Get ready

to wake up early but it pays off as you see the sunrise and all the balloons raising up to the sky at the

same time, one of those types of memories you will carry forever.

8) Feel the unique beauty of Pamukkale


You can find travertine terraces in many countries but nowhere else can be compared to Pamukkale, the surreal limpid cascade pools formed by limestone deposit. The Unesco World Heritage site is known by Cotton Castle' and receives over 2 million visitors in the world. Enjoy the opportunity to bathe in warm pools of mineral water with submerged ancient Roman columns.

9) Take the chance to explore Hierapolis


The ancient Greek city of Hierapolis impresses by its good conservation state. One of the most interesting things about Hierapolis is it suffered Pagan, Roman, Christian and Jewish influences. The city flourish in the centuries 2AD and 3AD and was completely abandoned after an earthquake in 1334. It was nominated Unesco World Heritage Site and its visitors can appreciate the ruins of a Byzantine church, baths, an agora, and others, such as Temple of Apollo, Necropolis, Plutonium, and Nymphaeum.

10) Hiking in Göreme


Turkey offers many beautiful landscapes, and if you are the adventurer type you must try some activities at Göreme National Park, an open-air museum that acts a crossroad of most valleys in Cappadocia because it is in the heart of many interesting sites, such as the Fairy Chimneys, rock churches, etc.

During your walk, pass by the pigeon valley, named this way because it serves as home for hundreds of these birds, and in Uchisar take time to see the beautifully decorated dovecotes.


Follow this tips for an amazing Egypt and Turkey travel!