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Best Places to Eat in Cairo

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jul 19, 2020

So, you are in Cairo! And of course a trip is not complete without cuisine experiences. It is time to try

new flavours, and you must be curious about where you are going to get the best tastes from.

Egyptian cuisine is delicious but it must be exotic to many people: lentil beans with pasta, a green oily

soup, stuffed pigeon, etc. But, guess what? IT IS SO DELICIOUS! So first, let's give a look onto the most

traditional dishes, but be aware: forget the diet for now.

Traditional Egyptian Dishes you MUST try


This is a national dish. Koshari is made of rice, lentils, macaroni, topped with caramelized onions, red

sauce and garlic (or vinegar or chili) sauce.



Love me or hate it, Molokheya would say. The leaf green is shopped and cooked with garlic & ground

coriander, and served with meat or chicken. It is eaten with bread or rice.



Vegetarians will like this option. It is basically stuffed vegetables, usually zucchini, tomatoes, bell

peppers, cabbage leaves, eggplants, or grapevine leaves. Then the vegetables are filled with rice, herbs,

tomato sauce and a bit of cinnamon.



This dish is traditional in celebrations, and it is as ancient as Egyptian civilization. It is made of layers of

bread & rice, and meat topped with tomato/ vinegar sauce.

Ful Medames


Fava beans. One of the most common dishes in Egyptian breakfast. It is served with oil, salt & lemon

juice. You will find it on the streets of Cairo or in Egyptian restaurants, such an universal dish it is!



This is the Egyptian falafel. It is crashed fava beans with spices in a nugget shape. Then it is fried and

served with ful, tahina, and salad.

Liver & Sausages


Liver is another universal dish, served in both local and finest restaurants. It is cooked with peppers and

spices. Sausages are cooked with spicy peppers and tomato sauce.

Kebab & Kofta


For barbecue lovers, kebak is grilled meat, lamb or veal. Kofta is also grilled, but minced meat.



For the sweet fans, Konafa is THE sweet. This desert is a Ramadan specialty. It is made of baked

shredded konafa filled with cream and syrup.

Umm Ali


It literally means "Mother of Ali". It combines puff pastry, milk, and sugar, like a pudding.

Roz Bel Laban


It is the Egyptian rice pudding. Rice is cooked in milk with sugar and topped with pistachios.

Where to eat in Cairo?


As you can see, there are a lot of interesting Egyptian dishes so we are trying to mention just some that

for sure you must include. Now, let's go to what matters: where to eat this delicious food? What are the

best places to eat in Cairo You will find many great restaurants in the capital, and some great ones at the

hotels, but this list does not intend to be fancy but privilege typical Egyptian restaurants that local

people would recommend and that for sure will bring more authenticity to your Egyptian cuisine


Best places to eat in Cairo:

Fasahet Somaya


Located in a small alley in Downtown Cairo, this place is one of those hidden gems you feel happy bump

into. Everything there is small, simple and cosy, and there is a big queue outside. You feel like entering

an old friend's house. Famous for mouth-watering homemade food, the restaurant has one rule though:

a fixed daily menu with three choices. This does not seem to be a problem for its popularity at all.

Address: 59 Al Faki St., Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo



Sobhy Kaber


Good food, good price, good vibes. That's how most of customers define Sobhy Kaber. Typical Egyptian

food and very accessible. Menu is in Arabic though so you mind find some challenge but it is fine since

you can just say the name of Egyptian dishes (as we introduced some to you here) or point out (surely

you can check out what people on the table beside yours ordered). You will find a way. Since it does not

accept reservations you might find it busy but service is quick.

Address: 151 Abeid Street, Elsahel, Cairo

Kebdet el Prince


Known for delicious food and one of the sweetheart places amongst locals and foreigners, this

restaurant will give you a local experience and it serves a variety of Egyptian dishes. Tables are placed

right on the street and it might find difficult to find room, so be a bit patient. However the wait pays off

and just reinforces the good reputation of this place.

Adress: 79 Talaat Harn St., Giza

Abou El Sid


Most probably the "fanciest" restaurant on this list. Abo El Sid offers old authentic atmosphere,

cosiness, and delicious Egyptian food. To sum up, it is the whole experience package. It has a buzzing

vibe both with Egyptians and foreigners. One of the advantages is that it serves alcohol. You will need


Address: 157 26th of July Corridor St., Zamalek, Cairo

Koshary el Tahir


This one is a franchise and as such you will not find the cosiness of other restaurants but it still is a place

that belongs to this list. First because you can find it around the town, second because the food is good,

and third because it is the closest you can get of street food but with a clean service. As the name says,

you should try their Koshari. The Dokki branch is one of the most popular.

Address: 132 El Tahir St., Dokki, Giza