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Nile Cruise Vacations is on a mission to develop quality touring & travel experiences to all our amazing clientele. We strive to provide you with a personalized experience that fits each and every interest, preference & budget while maintaining our exceptional quality standards and providing an unforgettable experience in the country of your choice.

Furthermore, we want to build a lasting relationship and a deep sense of trust with our customers encouraging them to choose our services time after time. Our dedication to provide reliably & professionally operated tours from the very first step in the booking process to and beyond your flight back home will be the cornerstone of this relationship. We deeply value your trust and pride ourselves in being your first choice for a memorable vacation & a travel companion. This is why we safeguard your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal info with the utmost of care. Kindly Take some time and learn more about our Privacy policy & followed practices:

A. Our Privacy Policy:

  • All personal Data whether it be your Credit/Debit card details or any other personally-identifying information will never be sold, shared, stored, rented or leased to any third party.
  • In case of an occasional update or change in our effort to meet the highest standards and requirements an update in the Website Policies or terms & conditions might occur. Therefore, it is highly recommended to frequently visit the aforementioned sections to keep track of the updates which will take effect on their postdate.
  • Some of the ads you might see in the site are chosen and delivered via third-party ad networks, advertising agencies and audience segment providers amongst others. For the sake of providing you with ads that meet your interests, they might collect info concerning your online activity on and off the site with cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies. It is very important to Nile Cruise Vacation that you are aware that we neither have access or control over the data or information collected by such search parties as it is not subject to our Privacy Policy

B. When might my info be shared?

  • In case it is needed for legal action, whether it be in response to a subpoena, by court order,  while exercising our legal rights, when defending against a legal claim or as otherwise required by law. in such cases Nile Cruise Vacation fully reserves the right to waive any objection to the use of data or any of its other perspective rights.
  • When we believe it is needed to appropriate, prevent, investigate or take action illegal or suspected illegal activity and to protect the rights, safety, assets of the website, company, our customers, and others within the framework of our Terms of Service & other similar agreements.
  • Outside of the above-mentioned cases, you will be notified whenever your personal information is shared with other parties and given the opportunity to accept or decline the sharing of your info. In Nile Cruise Vacation we are well aware that the privacy & confidentiality of your information is a serious matter and in no circumstances other than the above-mentioned exception may your personal data be shared with other third-party entities or parties.

C. How do you protect my Information?

We want you too fell Safe & Confident when navigating the website & setting up your travel arrangements and are a hundred percent committed to safeguarding the collected information thus enhancing your confidence. While nothing is fully secure nowadays, we are vigilant in applying the absolute best of the available electronic, administrative & Physical measures. Adding to the aforementioned your personal information will only be accessible to our staff that are managing your account and strictly when preforming business functions when it's necessary.

In our efforts to achieve the highest security standards Nile Cruise Vacation has employed McAfee Security and utilized their Security Software to fully encrypt your data while being transmitted with our system or to any other users in case needed. In addition, the system uses firewalls and other intrusion detection methods to avoid any breakdowns in the site possibly lending access to unauthorized personnel to your data.

D. What about External Links? 

In case of a link in our website leading you to an external link, we would like to clarify that our Privacy policy does not apply on the said external link. We strongly advise you to check the privacy policy of that other website in terms of personal information collection, Usage & disclosure.

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