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How to see Dubai on a budget

By : Fernanda lustosa | Nov 8, 2020

Dubai is known for its extravagance and luxurious environment. But if you are planning a trip to Dubai on a budget you must know it is completely possible. We are going to list some tips that can help you cut some significant costs. 

Book budget accommodation

Many of the most luxurious hotels in the world are in Dubai, such as the famous Burj Al Arab but if glamour is not your priority you can still find very good hotels that answer your needs and that won’t cost a leg. In general, hotels closer to the beach are the most expensive ones, so we would suggest looking for hotels in the older area of the city or close to metro stations, so you can save in transportation and practice smart saving. 

Take the metro

Just as we mentioned above. Even though taxis are still a very convenient transportation – especially if you are coming from the airport with your luggage -, you can save by choosing the public transportation. Metro is the cheapest way to go from one place to another in Dubai but buses are also an option. If you are taking several trips, buy the pre-paid ticket that comes with 19dhl in fares because it will be cheaper than buying a single ticket.

Spend time on the beaches

Beaches are a fantastic way to have fun and relax while on a budget in Dubai, and most of the ones outside the resorts are for free. Some suggestions are the newly open La Mer Jumeirah 1, the beach in JRB, and the famous Jumeirah Public Beach, which offers great views of the Burj Al Arab. 

There are plenty of cafes and vendors on the beach but you can always bring your own food from your hotel, make yourself a picnic lunch and save some more. 

Shopping is not expensive

Dubai is home of some very famous outlets and you will find good deals at the Dubai Mall without having to spend a lot of money. However you can find some out of the route places with special offers, such as at the Bur Dubai bank and Dubai Creek, to buy spices and even gold, and souvenirs and local textile, respectively. 

Check out free events

Visiting Dubai on a budget might just require some more planning but you won’t have less fun. There is a bunch of free events taking place, all you have to do is knowing where to look for and check the calendar for cultural and artistic events. The Archive Dubai is one of the places that hosts free exhibition and open-air concerts, and if you are visiting the city in March you might catch the Sikka Dubai, an arts festival with free concerts and dance performances that takes place across the city.

Spend time in Old Dubai

Old Dubai is an important area you should include in your visit to understand more about the history of Dubai. But not just that, it is a cheap choice that includes pleasant walks. Visit the Dubai Museum, the Fahidi neighborhood, see the gold and spices souks and enjoy the views. 


There are plenty of food options in Dubai but if you want to keep things on a budget you have to consider where and what you are going to eat. If you go to the right places you can get Arab and Indian food for very good prices, whereas Japanese, European and American cuisine tend to be more expensive. Since you are there to explore, we strongly recommend you to try the local cuisine. And why choosing the right place in town important? It is because prices vary according to the location, so Deira and Bur Dubai are the best bet, with plenty of on budget restaurants. 

Admire the sky-high views

While you must pay to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa, it is completely for free to admire it from the ground. You can enjoy the Burj Khalifa Park and its beautiful palm-lined walkways. At the centre there are several pools and water jet fountains provide a water light show that is amazing. 

Enjoy everything Dubai has to offer on a budget and still have a fantastic experience. Let’s demystify the idea that some destinations are always going to be expensive. There is a lot to see and to admire for very accessible prices in this wonderful and modern city!