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Explore Egypt By Hot Air Balloon

By : Fernanda lustosa | Sep 24, 2020

Visiting Luxor and the Ancient Egyptian temples is one of the must-have and incredible experiences the country can give you. And for some people, enjoying a hot air balloon ride in Luxor just adds the special touch they are looking for. It is fantastic to see the land from above and spot some remarkable attractions, the farm lands, the Nile in the distance and the Valley of the Kings. The majority of those who have tried it do not regret. If you are considering an Egypt Hot Air Balloon experience, then stick around because we are going to tell you everything about it. 

Get ready to wake up early

To make visitors truly enjoy this experience the rides run very early in the morning, so you can see the sunrise and admire Luxor in all its splendour. To make this possible your day is supposed to start between 3:30 – 4am. You or your group are picked up from your hotel by car, then take a ferry boat, where you will be offered some coffee or tea, to your final destination.

Waiting for your Egypt Hot Air Balloon to be ready

You most probably will arrive on the site under the sound of burners blasting hot air into the balloons. Some people might feel a lit bit scared by the size of the flames and the noise the burners do but you shall get used to it as you will hear it over again as you go up to the sky. The baskets are big and some can host up to 20 people. But do not worry, there still is plenty of room for everyone to feel comfortable. On the other hand you can´t move from your spot while the balloon is in the sky (for obvious reasons), so choose wisely where you would like to stay. As you begin to rise, it will be a quite slowly process and sometimes unstable as the captain is still gaining control over the balloon, but soon you will be seeing wonderful views. 

The ride

And then you are in the air! You will see that Luxor from above is a complete different experience. You will see patches of land farm meeting the rocky desert and ancient temples in contrast with modern buildings. And when you look around, other balloons will be joining yours and forming a beautiful spectacle. 

You will spot a fantastic sight of the Valley of the Kings, the resting place of Kings and some nobles during the New Reign. As the sun rises the experience becomes even more magical and the mountains are touched by the sunrays. Next to the Valley of the Kings you will see the beautiful and unique Temple Mortuary of Queen Hatshepsut. Finally, see the ruins of what one day was the temple of Amenhotep II and the Colossi of Memnon that still stand.

Some valuable information

  • Prices for Egypt´s Hot Air Balloon really vary, and you can find something between US$100 to US$200, depending on the season. On the top of that you are expected to tip the ground crew; these people work really hard to ensure your safety so it would really mean a lot to them
  • Popular season is from April to September so most probably tickets will be more expensive
  • While you are in the air the fire is quite hot so you will feel warm but before that it can be chill (remember you are walking up very early), so it is nice to take a cardigan and a scarf with you
  • Sleep early the previous night so you can enjoy some more resting time. Remember that on the day of your Egypt’s Hot Air Balloon you most probably will have a full day ahead of visits in temples and other attractions, so it is good that you take it easy the night before
  • If you are the type of person who gets motion sick, do not worry. The balloon goes with the wind and people rarely feel any side effects

Back to the ground

It takes some time for the balloon to touch the fields again as it is a slow process. You will be transferred to your hotel by car, which is included in the service as well. 


Safety is a major point when riding a Hot Air Balloon, and you should check out during your research if the company is certified. Weather is a huge factor too, and if it the conditions are not good, then the ride should be canceled. Any good company will make you aware of this fact prior. Once everything is checked, all you have to do is to enjoy your Hot Air Balloon ride and take lots of pictures. It is an unforgettable experience (in a good way) for most people.