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14 Best Food in Turkey

Fernanda lustosa 19 July

1) Turkish Delight


The most popular sweet in Turkey and even if you are not a sweet fan you should try it. It is made of

shopped nuts, dates, pistachios or walnuts flavoured with mastic or orange, lemon, and rosewater.

Quality varies a lot but many markets, such as the Grand Bazaar, sell personalized boxes and you choose

what you want.

Turkish Delight

2) Mezze


It is impossible leaving Turkey without having Mezze. Maybe the closest way to explain it is comparing it

to entrance dishes or appetizers. Mezze simply is a diverse selection of small dishes served before the

main meal. It consists of salads, beans, vegetables, cheeses and even seafood. It is a great way to try a

bit of everything.


3) Iskender Kebab


Or Alexander Kebab. This is the most popular dish in Northwest Turkey, known as the "king of Turkish

kebabs". Even though it is a Bursa specialty it can be found in many places around Turkey. It consists of a

Döner kebab made of sliced lamb and hot tomato sauce over pieces of traditional pita bread. Finally, it is

topped with butter and yogurt.

Iskender Kebab

4) Gözleme


A traditional savoury snack and a very easy dish, also eaten for breakfast. Similar to a crepe, it is a hand-

made pastry dough filled with cheese, vegetables, minced meat or potatoes. It is sealed and cooked over

a griddle.


5) Kumpir


Kumpir is baked potato, and even though you might have already tasted baked potato in the past

nothing compares to Kumpir. After baked, the potato is cut in the middle to be filled with a layer of

cheese and butter and then you are welcome to choose among different fillings such as corn, carrots,

couscous, olives, etc. This is a very popular street food that you can find throughout Turkey and specially

in the neighbourhood or Besiktas, in Istanbul.


6) Baklava


Another famous Turkey desert, Baklava consists of layers of pastry filled with shopped nuts and held

together with syrup (or honey). It is really super sweet but it is a classic.


7) Imam Bayildi


It is stuffed eggplant. The whole eggplant is stuffed with garlic, tomatoes, and onions with olive oil. It is

included as part of the mezze or side dish for the main meal. It is super delicious and healthy!

Imam Bayildi

8) Simit


It is street food, a very cheap snack to be found anywhere. It is a mix of bagel and pretzel encrusted with

sesame seeds. Some people eat it plain or you can cut it and add cheese, tomatoes or, if you prefer

sweet tastes, Nutella.


9) Menemen


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you are going to visit many attraction in Turkey

during the day, you should restore your energy and have a fulfilling standard Turkish breakfast. A very

popular food in Turkey is Menemen, spicy scrambled eggs with peppers, tomato, and olive oil. It is

served with bread.


10) Manti


If you love pasta, you should try Turkey's own ravioli version. Manti is dumplings filled with small pieces

of beef or lamb, then topped with yogurt.


11) Shish Kebab


Another very popular food in Turkey, you will find Shish Kebab in most of restaurants. Grilled chicken,

meat or lamb served on a skewer. Side dishes include French fries, rice, and salad.

Shish Kebab

12) Leblebi


This is another street food, actually snack. It is roasted chickpeas and you can eat it plain or seasoned

with hot spices and salt.


13) Börek


This delicious dish reminds a Spanish tortilla. It is filled filo pastry.


14) Midye Dolmas


Seafood lovers will love this one. It is stuffed mussels. The mussels are filled with pine nuts, rice with

herbs, and spritzed with lemon. Street vendors sell it in carts around Istanbul.

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Midye Dolmas

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