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How to Celebrate your Christmas Like Never Before with Nile Cruise Vacation

By : Adesua Emmanuel | Jun 8, 2020

Christmas is the most prominent festival celebrated in several English speaking countries across the world. 

It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th every year. Starting from mid-December till the first week of January, people have a gala time, enjoying the festive season with their family and friends.  

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas like never before, there is nothing better way than celebrating it cruising down the River Nile.  

Luxurious Nile Cruise lets you enjoy the beauty of Egypt in New Year and Christmas.

Considered as the centerpiece of Egyptian tours, The Nile Cruise evokes romantic images and iconic sights of Ancient Egypt. For those who want to explore the beauty of Egypt civilization on Christmas and New Year, Nile Cruise Vacation is the perfect fit.

Nile Cruise Vacation in Egypt: What to Expect


Nile cruises have been popular for centuries. The spectacular view of the Nile river along with convenience to reach places that would be difficult to reach by road make it one of its kind.  

In Victorian times, a Nile Cruise was the only way to visit the ancient temples of Egypt, but today, it is more than that. The New Year Nile cruise will take you in the Pyramids and also to some popular and ancient temples. You can choose from basic to luxurious cruises. The choice is yours.  

Most Nile cruises start in Luxor and visit Esna, Kom Ombo, and Edfu and last for four to eight nights. It depends on your preferences and how many days you want to spend on a luxurious Nile Cruise.  

The cruise offers you a trip to the heart of Egypt and explores all the hidden treasures of the Luxor and Aswan’s ancient civilization or even Lake Nasser Cruise. Boarding on this luxurious cruise offers you a wonderful and life-changing experience that you will never forget.

Different Packages For Christmas and New Year


Whether you are planning to visit Nile Cruise vacation for the Christmas celebration with a couple of friends or with a big group, you can find many packages according to your needs and budget. From 4 days to 9 days,  you can decide how many days you want to stay and enjoy the

cruise experience. However, compared to normal days, be prepared to pay more during festive seasons. It is wise to reserve your tickets a few months before so that you would not face any problem during the peak time.  

For Christmas and New Year, these packages are customized by professional travel consultants to make your Christmas or New Year celebration worth it. You can also get options to choose from different vessels like traditional paddle steamers pr luxurious modern cruise ships. Most cruise companies employ Egyptologist who will tell the group regarding the ancient sights.  

The modern cruise usually has a swimming pool while some offer entertainment options like themed dress-up evenings or belly dance shows. There are more than 200 cruise boats in the trade which makes the river much busier.  Undoubtedly, these cruises are not just relaxing, but also enable you to see more of Egypt from diverse angles, letting you enjoy a fresh breeze of Egypt.

Celebrating Christmas with Nile Cruise Vacation


In Egypt, Christmas is celebrated every year with incredible traditions and customs. People, especially from cold countries love to visit Egypt because it is a warm country and offers a unique festival celebration experience. All areas in Egypt have different ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year. From fireworks, special events to Nile Cruise vacation, the country ensures that tourists spend unforgettable time during their Egypt vacation for Christmas and New Year. 

Boarding Nile Cruise is one of the most interesting and special things you can do during your Christmas vacation. It is the best and unique way to celebrate your festive season like never before. Many people across the world get a chance to celebrate Christmas and New Year on the Nile Cruise. Inflatable sleighs and Santas, tinsel wreaths crammer the foyer of Nile Cruise Boat and plastic trees, makes the Nile Cruise Christmas ready. 

Where the Nile Cruise will take you?


The cruise starts the holiday season before a few weeks of Christmas. So, even if you are not on the ship at Christmas, you’ll still experience a festive atmosphere and Christmas decorations everywhere. You can enjoy 5-8 days Nile Cruise at Christmas on board the tastefully designated MS Mayfair Nile River Cruise that makes its way from Luxor to Aswan. The 5-day cruise keeps you enthralled from start to end, taking you to Luxor’s ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kinds to Aswan’s ancient Temple of Philae. 

During your Christmas on Nile Cruise, you can enjoy daily excursions to the most valued ancient monuments and end your day under a tranquil star-filled sky. The luxurious 5-star accommodation with world-class amenities will make your Christmas with Nile Cruise Egypt vacation unforgettable. 

The Nile Cruise will take you to great attractions on easy and west banks of Luxor, including:

  • Luxor
  • Hatshepsut
  • Abydos Temples
  • Karnak
  • Dandara and more.

In addition to this, it will take you to the great landmarks and monuments in Aswan such as:

  • Hypnotic Temples of Aby Simbel
  • High Dam
  • Philae Temple of Goddess Isis
  • Kom & Edfu Ombo etc.

Final Words


Egypt is home to the most varied and richest histories in the world.  In this incredible country, you’ll experience amazing traditions and cultures which make Egypt the favorite destination in the world to visit during both Christmas and New Year.

Cruising down the Nile and exploring wondrous ancient temples is an exceptional way to enjoy Christmas in Egypt like never before. Nile cruises entertain their guests with music, decor, entertainment, and festive meals. Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a place to usher in a New Year, then the Nile Cruise is good to go. So, raise a toast to everyone on the boat and create unforgettable new memories wishing everyone Eid Milad Majid (Merry Christmas in Egyptian language).