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How to enjoy the best of your vacations in 5 steps

Fernanda lustosa 8 June

1) No tech, no stress

Vacations are many things: go to new places, discover new things, meet new people. But let's not forget that right on the core of everything, vacations are to RELAX, to detach from our daily routine and just... be. So, to achieve the best of it, have you ever thought of spending less time connected or depending on tech equipment? Sure, you will need your camera or phone to take some nice pictures but spending time away from your devices can be such a good thing to do!

Just think: do you really need to post that picture on Instagram right when you are seeing an ancient temple or relaxing on the beach? You know it does not end there, you will be checking how many likes your picture gets every 5 minutes. Enjoy that sunrise with your beloved ones or take it as gift to yourself. Be present, be in the moment. 

no stress

2) Friendly packing

It does not matter how excited you are for your trip, we all know that packing can easily become a headache, either because you don't know what to pack or because you just packed too much and now can't close your suitcase. The truth is: you can resolve this problem by doing a check-list. Be consistent. Pack only what you really need, which does not include that kimono you are keeping for the past 10 years waiting for an opportunity to wear (no, it won't be now and you know it). 

Remember that you most probably will come back home bringing souvenirs so you need space. And let's be honest, a messy suitcase can worse anyone's mood. That's not how you want to enjoy your vacations.

Friendly packing

3) Curiosity, an old buddy

When you are in a new place, that's your chance to discover more and beyond, and we are not talking about the attractions you already know you should not miss but about walking that extra mile that is out of your comfort zone. So, for example, what about wandering in the streets? It is ok if you get lost, you will find your way back. Or if you are on the beach, why not trying snorkelling or scuba diving if you have never done it before? 

Allow yourself to be curious and to be excited about new things and discoveries. You can get surprised with all the benefits it can bring to you. 


4) Chill out

You will most probably say to this one "But of course I will chill, that's why I am on vacation". Well, that's more challenging under less favorable circumstances. What if you miss the plane? Or if one of the attractions you wanted so badly to see is closed? Or if you kid starts crying in the most inconvenient moment? It does not matter how much we plan the best vacations, it is possible that some not so pleasant things happen, and it is very important to keep yourself positive and calm. After all, you are on vacation and this is great, so don't let anything that is out of your control ruin the moment. As it is said, it is out of your control, so just chill out. The same concept is applied for small things. To make the best of this trip, start the relaxation process before you leave for vacations. Put yourself in the chilling out mood. 

Chill out

5) Smooth return to work

So, you did it! You just had the most amazing vacations and life-time experiences. The idea is that by the end of your vacations you are relaxed and recharged enough to go back to your work routine, so to make this happen it is very important that you have a smooth return. Many people don't think so much about this step and that's why they come back to work not looking so much forward to it or still tired. 

The best you can do is a smooth transition, and the ideal would be, for example, less and shorter stopovers possible but of course sometimes this just does not happen that easily. So, when planning your trip, try to leave at least 2 days for resting after returning home so you can rest and go back to the grind nicely. 

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