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Morocco travel experiences

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jun 8, 2020

When planning a trip, it is normal thinking about how to prioritize and fit everything we want to see in our schedule. But before, we must research and be sure about our choices. If you are planning your Morocco travel experiences, most probably all you need now is to doubt check if you are on the right track. So here we go! Give these places a look and ensure they are part of your plans!

Djemaa el Fna


The fist Morocco travel experience that you cannot be without is Djemaa el Fna, the main attraction of Marrakesh. This is where everything happens and even UNESCO knows it, because they included it as a World Heritage Site. During the day, visitors can be found being entertained by snake charmers in action, and during the night the square becomes a place rich in culture, with musicians, fortune tellers, storytellers and several sellers of the most diverse products, from incense to food. It is a unique and wonderful place because it manages to bring together so many different people.



We already mentioned Marrakesh's famous medina, that truly deserves to be an exclusive topic. But the

colourful city where it located is not behind. Marrakesh is positively ranked by most visitors. Check out

its main attractions: Koutoubia Mosque, the city's most famous landmark, built in 1162; Madrasa Ben

Youssef, built in 1565 and one of the most beautiful in Morocco; Saadian Tombs; Bahia Palace, home of

Bou Ahmed, the grand vizier who served Sultam Moulay al-Hassan I; Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan

Arts and Crafts; Marrakesh Museum; the ruins of El Badi Palace, built in the XVI century; the famous

tanneries; Almoravid Koubba, the city's oldest monument; the stunning Marojelle Gardens and the

vibrant blue studio that belonged to French painter Jacques Marojelle; the Jewish quarter Mellah; and

Manara Gardens, built in the XIX century exclusive for royals.



Rabat is only 45 minutes by train from Casablanca. This calm city of clean streets recently has won the hearts of many travellers due its friendly inhabitants, so it should be part of your Morocco travel experiences. Visit Kasbah of the Oudaias, founded in 1150 and one of the most symbolic and significant places in the country, located only a few miles from the city centre. Visitors like very much walking in the medina, and other top attractions are: the Andalusian Gardens and Oudayas Museum, the Royal Palace (interior closed to visitors), Hassan Tower, and Mausoleum of Muḥammad V. 

Enjoy theopportunity to visit Chella, an archaeological site where there is a medieval necropolis and the ruins of a Roman city.



Meknes is an imperial Moroccan city founded in the 10th century and considered a World Heritage Site

by UNESCO. Since it is very close to Volubilis (30km distance), most visitors tour both. Because it is very

beautiful it was called by the French as "the Versailles of Morocco". Amongst the attractions you can't

miss are the Bab Mansour gate, built in the 18th century and one of the most beautiful in the world; the

Meknes Royal Palace (Dar el Makhzen) with beautiful gardens; the Al Masjid al Adam mosque, the

largest in the city; the Museum of Moroccan Arts Dar Jamai, just behind the main square in the city,

Place Hedim, with street food and exhibitions; and the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail.


This is the most well-preserved archaeological site in the country and a different Morocco travel

experience. The Roman city of Volubilis was a small city founded in the III century BC, but one of the

richest. It was transformed into an administrative centre in the Roman province of Mauritania Tingitana.

Among its main attractions, there are fountains, the Basilica, the Capitol, and the Arc de Triumph.

Fez el Bali

A true Morocco travel experience must include Fez. It is one of the four imperial cities and it has just too much to offer, with most of its attractions being part of the medina, founded in the IX century and that has over 9 thousand alleys. Visit one of the oldest universities in the world, Karaouine Mosque and University, traditional schools from the XIV century such as Al-Attarine Madrasa and Bou Inania Madrasa, Ibn Danan Synagogue, Blue Gate, Souk Seffarine, Jnan sbil Gardens, and Bab Al Amer Gate. Fez is also home of the famous Chouara Tannery, the largest tannery in the city (it exists since the 11th century and it is a strong tourist attraction).



It is the country's economic capital, blending classic and modern architecture. The city's main attractions are the Hassan II Mosque (the second largest in the world in terms of space), Mohammed V square, the markets in the Old Medina, and nice walks along the corniche, where there are private beaches, lots of bars and restaurants.



It is the city of blue painted houses. Despite attracting the curiosity of tourists, it is still a very quiet place. Its 15th century medina is the main postcard, where visitors find Uta El-Hamman Square, that offers many restaurants, besides the Grand Mosque (visits are not allowed to non-Muslims) and the Kasbah Museum. Other points of interest: Spanish Mosque and Rife Mountains for a nice sunset.