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7 Places That Will Refresh Your Soul After The Quarantine

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jun 10, 2020

The current pandemic situation has been showing a lot to us. On one hand we see the whole world passing through a very delicate moment and we had to learn to readapt our routines, delay plans, etc. But on the other hand we also see people getting united, helping each other, and showing empathy. We definitely will leave this situation with the opportunity to learn a lot. And last but not least, we will be able to go back to something we all love very much to do: travel! So since dreaming still is for free, it is fair to think about the bright day we will be allowed to pack our things again and make a mental list of refreshing destinations that are the best places to visit after quarantine in Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco, don't you think? Come with us! Let's make this list together. 

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


One of the places that we all are dying for visiting again is... the beach! Vitamin Sea... what can be better? Sharm EL Sheikh is one of the most famous Red Sea resorts, and it offers many activities, such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and a great night life with many bars and restaurants. Marine life is an attraction in itself, and the Ras Mohamed National Park offers beautiful and rich coral reefs for eco-tourists, and around 1h30 away from Sharm is Dahab, where is the famous Blue Hole, another spot for snorkelling. The resort is the favourite of many tourists because it offers warm waters and sunrays all the year round, so no matter when quarantine is over, Sharm El Sheikh will be ready to welcome you!

Hurghada, Egypt


Another resort town along the Red Sea coast, Hurghada is one of the best places to visit in Egypt for sun and sea and offers many of the same attractions as Sharm El Sheikh, as diving schools, and good temperature range around 30 degrees Celsius. The plus of the city? Well, its many paradisiacal islands, with surrounding waters of unbelievable tones of blue. Visitors can take boat trips and enjoy a very relaxing experience, very much deserved after quarantine, we shall agree!  

Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise, Egypt


Well, this is not just about places but an experience in itself. After quarantine, you should consider places that are also an answer for your knowledge thirst and that answer to your cultural desires. Therefore, the Ancient Egyptian temples between Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt are the perfect solution. You will travel in time, learn, and see monuments that are not less than 3000 years old. But to balance with relaxation, the Nile Cruise is the perfect match because it combines fantastic on board service, facilities and entertainment between the attractions. Imagine yourself swimming by the pool or enjoying the spa while looking at the Nile. Not bad, right?

Pamukkale, Turkey


Turkey is a country with many fantastic and unique landscape, and Pamukkale is amongst the most fantastic natural attractions in the world. The site, known as 'Cotton Castle' attracts over 2 million visitors per year and this success is thanks to that marvellous cascade limestone-formed pools that together make of it a Spectacle of Nature. Shoes are not allowed for preservation reasons, but you certainly can bathe in the warm pools and swim between submerged antiquities, as many Ancient Roman columns fell over there. That's a top way to go back to the travelling track! 

Capadoccia, Turkey


Cappadocia in a region in central Anatolia, Turkey, and it is famous for landscapes that seems to be from a Fairy Tale. Since it holds many opportunities for hiking and walking, it is one of the best places to visit after quarantine because after all this inactive time you will need to put these legs to work hard again! The Rose Valley offers a fantastic sunset spot as a reward for hikers, with sharp ridges painted in pink on the horizon. But wheter you like to hike or not, Capadoccia is a must-see place. There are many other valleys; the Fairy Chimneys; Göreme, an open-air museum; as centenary churches that were carved out of rocks. 

Chefchaouen, Morocco


How to know what places to visit the first after quarantine? There are many but let's take into consideration those places that our souls are craving for the most, the ones where we can recharge our eyes with beautiful views. That's the case of  Chefchaouen, the Morrocan city of blue painted houses. Don't wait for a lot of buzz, the place is a quietly pleasant one despite the curious tourists, and offers  the type of attraction we should appreciate: beauty and tradition, having a 15th century medina as its postcard.

Marrakesh, Morocco


The best places to visit after quarantine should be a mix of relaxation, beauty, and, of course, people! After all, no confinement anymore means we should enjoy the most of seeing other people. And no other place in Morocco can be compared to this purpose as the colourful city of Marrakesh. It is the home of Unesco WorldHeritage Site Djemaa el Fna, a place that blends culture, traditional, entertainmentm, and much more bringing people together. The city has a lively spirit, and many attractions that are centuries old, such as Koutoubia Mosque, Madrassa Ben Youssef, El Badi Palace ruins, Almoravid Koubba, and many museums and gardens. Is it or is it not a fair craving? 

So what do you think of our list? What other places would you like to add? Let us know!