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Plan Your Trip From Egypt to Morocco

By : Adesua Emmanuel | Jun 10, 2020

Around more than 10 thousand people travel from Egypt to Morocco every year, to explore the rich history, culture, heritage and delicious food of Morocco.

Last year I got an opportunity to travel from Egypt to Morocco. I explored two exotic incredible cites on one epic journey. I came back home with a suitcase full of memories & great knowledge about Morocco rich tradition.

The total distance between these two cites is 2,302 miles.If you are traveling by plane then it will take at least 8 hours to reach Morocco from Egypt. The average expense to travel to Morocco from Egypt is $120 US dollars only.But I will say that 8 hours are peanuts when you are going to explore such a beautiful country.Egyptian citizens need a visa for traveling to Morocco as a tourist.This visa is a tourist visa & is valid for 90 days only.If you’re familiar with Arabic then you can easily communicate with people of Morocco.Don’t forget to keep your woolens if you are going there in November, December & January as these days are quite a chili in Morocco. Temperature decreases up to 6 degrees & keep an umbrella with you as you can experience light rain showers as well.

About Morocco


Morocco is quite popular destination ,attracting culture lovers ,backpacker ,adventure traveler ,couples ,families ,foodies & more .Morocco is an extremely beautiful country.On day first one can enjoy a camel ride in the Sahara’s & snowboards in the Atlas Mountains. This country is quite large & but it is quite easy to travel although the distance can be quite long...Here are the ultimate reason why Morocco is a great place for everyone:-

1. Old Imperial Cities With Plenty of History and Character:-


Morocco has four his royal cities like -Marrakesh , Fes, Meknes, & Rabat.Rabat is currently the capital of this.At first glance, it will look like a modern city, but this city has several interesting historical attractions such as the Kasbah of the Oudaias, the old medina, and the Hassan Tower. The gleaming Royal Mausoleum is also a well-known place & going their is worth it.


2. Gorgeous Beaches Along the Stretching Coastlines:-


Morocco has beaches adjoining to the Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic ocean.If you are a beach lover then this place is for you there are many beaches where you can relax on. Most popular holiday spots with foreign visitors including Taniger gadir, while Asilah attracts mainly locals and Spanish visitors.


3. Diverse Mountain Ranges Appeal to Fans of the Outdoors:-


Morocco Atlas are three separate ranges: the high atlas, the middle atlas, & the anti atlas.Each offers a variety of hiking experiences for people of all experience & skill level.


4. Easy Access to stunning Sahara desert: -


The boundless & dry Sahara desert is the world's largest hot desert.There are many places in Morocco from where you can begin the voyage in the desert & they are plenty of professionals that can guide you on this trip.


5. Mixed Cultural influence from Arabs, Berbers & others  


The population of Morocco consists of both Arabs and Berbers, with each group having contributed to rich tradition & cultural practices that can be observed in the country today. You will also be able to spot influences from Andalusia, from the times when Andalusian Muslims moved to North Africa.


6. Exquisite Architecture All Around the Country


The culture diversity of Morocco is reflected in diverse architectural beauties that can be found all across the country.From exalted beautiful mosque to traditional raids & from brilliant places to sublime centers of religious study, Morocco has many fabulous buildings to admire.

7. Excellent Shopping at the Vibrant Souks:-


if you love shopping then there are so many places in Morocco where you can do shopping that to the market is quite affordable & pocket-friendly.Souks are a traditional market place where locals go & buy an array of wares.In some places, souk setup on a particular day may be on the weekend or weekday.The souk has become quite popular between the travelers who love to shop. Haggling is a part of the souk experience.


8. Delicious cuisine to satisfy varied tastes: -


Morocco is quite popular worldwide for its tasty cuisine.Spices here are found in a very large quantity in every local household /or every traditional Moroccan kitchen, added plenty of flavor to your dishes.Bread is the most common food here & there many more like k hobs, msemen, and baghrir to enjoy. Meat is one of the most common in Moroccan dishes, with lamb, mutton, beef, and chicken being the most common.Sea food & fish are especially plentiful in coastal areas.Sardines are a particular facility in Morocco. The most well-known Moroccan dishes include couscous and tagine. Pastilla, bissara, harira, and brochettes are other dishes to try. 

The expense for Morocco Trip 


I have based this article on a two week trip to Morocco (14 days & 13 nights ). But these costs are based on the cost of a single person.If your traveling with your wife, friend or family make sure to double the estimates(Excluding the hotels ).


1. Airfare (From Egypt ):-$650

2. Accommodations:-$1300

3. Local Transportation:-$150

4. Food & Drink:-224

5. Attraction:-$500

6. Random Spending:-$ 200


So on average if you're traveling to Morocco on a solo trip then you have to spend at least $3900 US dollar. You can get accommodation at $100 per night on average, If you use public transport in Morocco on average it will cost you $60 per day.If you're not that much foody then you can have breakfast at $ 3, dinner $ 10.So don’t worry about the budget as you're visiting a wonderful place & it is once in a lifetime opportunity.