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8 Things to Avoid in Marrakesh

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jun 7, 2020

Marrakesh is one of the top attraction cities in Morocco and your trip needs it to be complete. However,

despite all fascination, as a big and messy city you will need to take some precautions in order to enjoy

the best of your Marrakesh travel, and that's what we will tell you now. Check out some very important

safety tips travellers need to know.

1) Stay away from the snake charmers and monkey tamers


First of all in Marrakesh, always be suspicious about activities involving animals. There is a big

probability that they are poorly treated and you don't want to stimulate this. Second, there is a

possibility of you being scammed or even robbed. Those tamers put the monkey on snake on your

shoulders, when in the first place you did not want it, and ask for money. Same if you take any pictures

of these animals.

What might also happen is, while you are concerned about having a monkey or snake on your back,

pickpockets take advantage of the situation and rob something from your pocket or bag. Just be aware

and be away from charmers.

2) Don't eat any street food


Specially at the medina. Sure, there are many options and some could be appealing but there is a high

chance of food poisoning. Have in mind that that food is expose to poor hygiene, and many items are

exposed on the stalls for the whole day without any type of conservation.

The same principle is applied to salad even in restaurants and cafes. Be very careful as even if washed,

tap water was used, which is not safe in Morocco for ingestion. This is no exaggeration, so for sure you

should be open about the new cuisine, after all eating is part of the experience, but be really picky about

where to eat.

3) Don't carry your belongings "loosely"

For sure you will be visiting crowded touristic attractions so another reason why you should always be

vigilant. As said before, pickpockets are everywhere, but tourists are an easier target specially in popular

places. Avoid becoming a victim. Have your belongings under wraps and close to your body. For

example, carry bags in front of your body so you can see it and avoid putting anything valuable in your

pockets. Even better, leave whatever you don't need at your hotel and just take with you what is really


4) Don't walk around by yourself at night


During the day it is fine to walk by feet and it is actually better this way whenever possible. But at night

it is better to take cabs from one place to another. The city is in general safe and well policed but it is

always good to take some fine security measures. Always agree on the fare with the driver before

entering the car. Most taxis are not equipped with a meter or, mysteriously, they are not working.

Unfortunately taxi scams are not unusual.

5) Don't trust strangers


Moroccans are friendly people and will treat tourists well. Yet, this does not mean that you should not

be careful about stranger, which is an advice valid to anywhere in the world. To have a smooth


Marrakesh travel simply don't trust anyone you don't know who tries to befriend you, this includes

being invited to parties, bars or offers of services. If you are approached on the street simply walk away

swiftly on.

6) Stay away from distant/ empty areas at the medina


Some parts of Djema el Fna can be a real maze and an opportunity for false guides offering help to

disorientated tourists. Some can be aggressive while demanding money and not uncommonly they will

give you wrong directions.

7) Be careful about shopping during your Marrakesh travel


Surely you will want to buy some souvenir or any product you like but be aware of vendors. While some

will be very polite and invite you to their shop, others can be rude or follow you to insist on a visit. If you

are not interest just be polite yet firm and keep moving. Don't accept anything they might give you "for

free" unless you are interested in purchasing something.

8) Don't be fooled - the Tannery Scam


This is one of the most common scams in Marrakesh. It happens in many forms every day but one of the

most common is some men telling you to not take a certain direction because there is nothing to see

there and invite you to go on another one where you can see nice things. Another man appears also

saying he knows interesting places.

When you realize you are in a tannery far behind the medina and they start demanding money. There, a

"guide" you offer you a tour, most probably saying it is "free" but he will take you to a leather shop

where you will be forced to buy something. If you refuse, get ready for a lot of harassment.



Have in mind that Marrakesh is in general considered safe for tourists and serious crime rates are low.

However there is a lot of petty crime and that's what you should be careful about. Take the necessary

precautions and enjoy a wonderful Marrakesh travel.