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10 Tips on How to Travel Solo

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jul 19, 2020

Travelling alone can be one of the greatest and releasing experiences someone can have. It can bring a lot of self-discovery and shows that we don't have to wait for anyone to go somewhere we want. 

But before becoming a solo traveller there are some things you should know before. Some we have already mentioned in our article Travelling to the Middles East as a woman but now we will expand it a bit more.

So come with us and know everything that is essential on how to travel solo.

1) Plan your budget


Right, you want to explore the world and everything it has to offer but your bank account does not feel the same? Well, you need to know that you can adapt a trip on any budget, it is possible. 

What changes is your approach. If you don't have a lot of money, then you have to plan based on the money you actually have. Or if certain experiences are important to you, whether it is luxury, restaurants, etc your planning starts with the trip's costs. There are plenty of things you can do to minimize costs, such as travelling off-season and researching on budget destinations.

2) Pack light


Most of solo travellers have a similar profile, and they are not going to MET Gala. Sure, you might be travelling to a place where you'd like to be more fashionable, yet you must to choose your clothes wisely. Think about the combinations, pieces that you can wear many times and that go well with nearly everything. Packing smart and light will make your life much easier.

3) Keep your identification safe


Keep important documents, such as passport, and money tucked away. For daily spending money, choose a theft-resistant purse instead of a money belt, as constantly reaching under your shirt for money might draw attention.

4) Choose accommodations that are trustworthy


See if the place has reviews, photos, location, etc. Take your time choosing the right places and think about your priorities before booking. For example, if you need to save money and prefers a cheaper place but there is a more expensive one located in the touristic area you will do most of your visits, it compensates to pay a bit more and save your time and money for transportation.

5) Trust your instincts


Solo travellers count on their own, so many times you might find yourself in a situation in which you feel unsure about something. When this happens, always trust your guts. If it does not feel right, don't do it.

6) Be smart


To travel alone you need to be alert in many different ways. Sometimes you might need to lie, and it is fine. For example, if you are a female solo traveller you might feel safer saying that you are travelling with your boyfriend or going to meet a friend if a stranger ask questions. You don't want to look like a tourist either and become a target, so keeping low-profile (therefore 'no' for a "I love NY" shirt style) and showing confidence (even if you don't feel it) are important tips.

7) Directions: have many backups


When arriving in your destination, buying a SIM card is a practical way to have internet connection.

However, sometimes this might not work, either because you are travelling around many countries and will not buy SIM cards for each or you are in an isolated area with connection problems. Whatever is the case, always have a plan B, C, D... Always carry a map with you and be attentive to the different stops or turns if you travelling on a train, bus, etc. Another nice backup is to take screenshots of the directions on your phone; shops and other commercial establishments can work as a point of reference.

8) Do your research about the place


This goes without saying. If you are travelling somewhere you must know what expects for you there besides all the amazing places you want to visit. What transportation will you take? Are you taking taxis?

What is the distance from airport to your hotel? How much does a meal cost? These are things you usually don't think about on a normal daily basis but are part of the routine of a solo traveller.

9) Trust but don't trust people


One of the magical experiences of travelling alone is meeting people and making new friends, which is great. But this also makes you more vulnerable. It is fine to hangout and travel with others but maybe you would not trust your valuable belongings to them. There are a lot of cool and charming people who turn out to be scammers so keep your guard up.

10) Wake up early


As a solo traveller you don't want to waste your time sleeping until noon. Getting up early will allow you to make the best out of your day, and you will avoid queues and crowds at famous attractions.

Extra: Do something unusual


One of the most incredible things about travelling alone is that it is the opportunity to do something that you normally would not do around others. You are by yourself, so no judgements. It is time to think outside the box, so why not?




Did you like our list? Now it is time to start planning your trip! Is there anything else you would like us to add? Let us know!