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11 Top souvenirs from Egypt

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jun 4, 2020

It is normal when travelling to a new place bringing home some souvenirs that reminds us about the

good times spent in that specific place. And if you are planning your trip to Egypt, most probably you

wish to take the pyramids back home but since this (unfortunately) is not possible, there are other items

that you certainly can take with you as a piece of this wonderful land. Let's check about some of the

most popular souvenirs in Egypt:

Pharaonic souvenirs


Well, you might not be able to take the Pyramid of Giza itself back home but you can take a small

replica. The pyramids are the most popular souvenir amongst visitors, and you can find them in different

materials and sizes, usually in a pack of three.

The Sphinx is another of this type of item that makes a lot of success, as cats sculptures.



It is a piece of jewellery in Ancient Egypt style. It is made in gold or silver and the name of the person is

written on following the hieroglyphic alphabet.



Egypt is home of beautiful ceramic and the pottery industry is high-quality. You will find handmade

plates, mugs, lamps, and vases. The only inconvenient is that this is the type of product you must be

extra careful when packing so it will not break.



Another Ancient-Egypt-related item, the original papyrus was made out of papyrus plant but the ones

sold in markets in Egypt are made from dried banana leaf, although it is possible to buy real papyrus

from specialized shops. They come in different sizes and prints. This is a versatile and original souvenir

because it is cheap and different as it is also very light and does not take a lot of space in your suitcase.



The Galabeya is a traditional outfit wore both by men and women, despite being similar to a dress. You

will find Egyptians in the street of Cairo and in rural areas wearing galabeyas. They are made of a light

and loose fabric and it is not as hot as it seems to be. The Galabeyas for men are usually basic but for

women you can find them in different colours and with adornments.


A lot of tourists take the chance to buy jewellery in Egypt. Egyptians in general buy a lot of gold and

silver, and the country is known for offering better prices on these precious materials. So while it is

expensive in other places in Egypt it is affordable.

Killim & Rugs


If you are not worried about your luggage allowance you could consider purchasing a carpet. Wool

spinning crafts are a tradition in Egypt and still very popular. If you are not sure about buying a big rug,


you can still find smaller versions and cushions that certainly are original (with designs of Nubian

heritage or Islamic patterns). Prices vary depending on size and if handmade.

Shisha pipes


Shisha is also known as nargila. You will notice that in Egypt one of the most common ways of

socialization amongst friends is smoking shisha at the Egyptian coffeehouses. But you don't have to be a

smoker to purchase a shisha pipe, as they are also considered decoration objects. You can find the best

selections in Khan el Khalili.

Arabesque-style boxes


These wooden boxes are a very pretty and popular souvenir. They are designed in Islamic geometric

patterns and made of wood, ivory, and slivers of bone.

Fanoos Lamps & Brass Lamps


The Fanoos lamps are a symbol of Ramadan, the Holy Month. They vary in size and shape and are

beautiful art pieces. Cheaper replicas are also available, so prices vary a lot. Brass lamps are also very

popular choices and easily found in the souks in Egypt, such as Khan el Khalili.