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Why you should visit Chefchaouen

Fernanda lustosa 30 August

The Wonderful Blue

Chefchaouen is also known as `the blue city` because its walls are painted in different shades of blue. It is not certain why this tradition started, but some believe it was because of the Jewish community that settled there and chose the colour as a symbolization of heaven, and others say it the colour was meant to expel mosquitoes. 


Calmness and local experience

There are many ways to enjoy local experiences when travelling to a country but somehow they turn out somehow touristic. Chefchaouen on the other hand is a very calm and family place. You can do as the locals and enjoy nature by having a picnic across the bridge by the river. When night falls, the mellow atmosphere continues and locals and travellers can be seen in the main square. 


Nature & nice souks

The city is a great place for hikers, and you can go up to the hill and visit a cute Spanish-styled mosque on the top and admire the views. 

When walking around the city, you will notice that the souks and medinas there are much calmer than in the rest of Morocco. Plus, they are smaller, so visitors find them very charming and nice. You do not need to be in hurry or run away from pushy vendors. And in certain days of the week, there is a local market with people from the Rif Mountains, offering handmade and exclusive products, such as leather goods, spices, and rugs. Chefchaouen also produces a special local soap and is famous for its goat cheese. 


You can visit it by foot

Chefchaouen is a small city, which means that differently than other places you will visit in Morocco where taxis and transportation must be taken into consideration, there you do not need to worry about such things. Most of sightseeing and attractions are in a walk distance from each other; this includes the medina, the Kasbah and others. 

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Friendly children & stray cats

The atmosphere around the city is calm, and so you will find out that it has a lot to do with the spirit of local people. From the vendors in the medinas who make you feel comfortable to the curious children on the streets who want to know more about the visitors. However, remember to always be respectful, as older residents may not like to feel disturbed if you are taking random pictures, which is understandable as tourism in Chefchaouen is a recent activity and they are not used to it. Another inhabitants that surely deserve credits are the stray cats, subject of many photos and somehow part of the city’s landscape. 


Very interesting doors

Morocco is a country of fortified cities and famous gates, so maybe it is no big surprise that doors are a particular thing they pay attention to. However in Chefchaouen you will find even more intriguing and beautiful doors. While you are walking up and down the alleys you will find random doors, including in the medina, where they seem to compete with each other and flow without separation of space.


It is beautiful

Surely the blue walls gives the city a special charm, but it is not only that that makes of Chefchaouen a nice place. Located near the Rif Mountains, it is a picturesque city and everywhere you find a nice postcard. Visitors can hike to the waterfalls of Akchour to enjoy the views or simply stay in the city at the top of a cafe that the beautiful sunset will be as spectacular. If you like colours, beautiful details and would like to go out of the box during your Morocco experience, then visiting Chefchaouen will give you all. 


How to get to Chefchaouen? 

Now that you are hooked by the idea of visiting the Blue city, you should know how to get there. If you are booking a Morocco package and Chefchaouen is included or you have customized your tour, you do not have to worry about it because you will have your transfer included. However if you are travelling independently you should take the CTM bus. It is safe and reliable, so you do not need to worry. However if you are booking online you shall do it 72h in advance, otherwise just buy your ticket from the bus station. Usually there are 2 daily departures but just in case go one day before as it is possible the bus to be fully booked otherwise. You can go from Tangier (3.5 hours), Fes (4.5 hours), Casablanca (around 9 hours) or Marrakesh (over 12 hours, so not really recommended). If you are departing from Marrakesh, another option is flying to Tangier, Fes or Tetouan and take the CTM bus to Chefchaouen.

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