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What to Buy from Morocco

By : Fernanda lustosa | Sep 24, 2020

Whenever we travel we must buy some souvenirs from the place either to present friends and family or simply to decorate our homes and always keep the memories of that trip alive. When travelling to Morocco you will find a majestic country and some exotic and beautiful items that you would love to take with you. Learn about the best and original options and save space in your suitcase!

But first…

Know how to bargain

Not only in Morocco but also in many Arab countries bargaining in part of the culture and for this reason do not expect finding price tags on most products. You can get great deals but most not necessarily come easily, so get ready for developing negotiating skills and for some hassle as well, but hopefully not a lot. 

Have in mind that even though Morocco has many special souvenirs most of them you will find across the country, so very few are truly special in the sense of handmade or unique. That said, it makes no sense purchasing something that is in every souk (even considering variations of colour and in quality, of course) or from the first shop you visit. So, before buying anything just walk around price checking. 

Since pricing tag is not common if you are interested in an item you will have to ask the owner of the shop how much it costs. He will make up a price according to what he thinks you can pay. You must have in mind a price and do not be shy to start negotiations half the price it is being offered to you. If it gets difficult you can always play walking away or really walk away. If they are interested they will come after you and you will find somewhere in the middle, otherwise just don’t bother, as it means the vendor is not interested in budging. 

Finally, bargaining is not meant to be overtiring, so if someone is rude or aggressive you have no obligation to engage with them. Simply leave. 

What to buy from Morocco

Leather items

Morocco leather is part of their culture and you will find it in a variety of items such as bags, puffs, shoes and others. That is a nice thing to purchase because not only it is genuine Moroccan as you will find better offers than somewhere else in the world. The same products, for example, can be sold for exorbitant prices in the US, so take your chance. 


Another item that you can find in many shapes, from woven blankets to scarves. Some handmade weaving and embroidery can be expensive, but then it depends on how much you want to spend in quality and originality or mass-production. It is the type of thing that when expensive you can see it as an investment if you truly like it. 

Berber Rugs

These are quite wonderful items but prices depend on quality and size, so it is difficult to estimate. Rugs and carpets are part of an ancient tradition passed from mothers to daughters and are usually made of wool and knotted by hand. If you would like to purchase a rug get ready for an extensive research and think about shipment depending on the size of your rug. If it is the case, even though it is recommended to always pay in cash while strolling in the souks, you might consider paying your rug by credit card, this way if anything goes wrong you can challenge the charges. 

Argan Oil

Argan oil is very popular and intrinsically related to Moroccan culture as it is used for skin and hair treatments. If you are into it, then it is a great opportunity to purchase bottles of pure Argan oil directly from the right suppliers. 


Spices hold a very important place in the Middle Eastern culture and it is no different in Morocco. They smell wonderful and there is a fantastic variety from cumin, ginger, paprika, black pepper and much more that will make your shopping exciting. 


You will find the beautiful Moroccan ceramics in all souks in a range of style and shapes. Main ceramic objects are bowls, plates, jars, vases and tiles. When choosing, decision comes down to how you are going to carry them home, as they are quite fragile items. 

Metal lamps

Brassware has been part of Moroccan culture for centuries and different metals are used in the process, yet the most common is brass. Some of the final products include lamps and mirrors and they are nice decoration items. You will find them all over the country not only as part of home decoration but at hotels and restaurants. But be prepared, as usually they are not cheap. 


You will find tones of jewellery options in the medinas. Yet finding genuine and good quality silver can be hard, so be aware of that. Anyhow many are beautiful and you can have fun finding some nice items. 

Dates & Sweets

If you are looking for presenting a friend, dates and Moroccan sweets are among the best options. The local markets have plenty of options where you can purchase dates, dried figs, biscuits and others. Most vendors will offer you an appetizer or snack samples. Take the opportunity that is also part of the Moroccan hospitality! 

Where to buy in Morocco

Many of the items on this list can be found across the country, but the largest selection within the best prices are in the Marrakesh souks. Yet as nothing is perfect it is where more hassle also is found. Essaouira on the other hand is calmer and enjoyable even though you may expect to pay more. Specifically for leather, Fes has the best selection due its proximity to the tanneries. Wherever you go or choose, shopping in Morocco is a nice experience, especially in the medinas, and take it as part of your cultural immersion.