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Where to take the best Instagram photos in Egypt

By : Fernanda lustosa | Jul 19, 2020

Most of us love enjoying our travel opportunities to take fantastic pictures and fill our social media pages with great images of the places we've been. Egypt undoubtedly offers many options of photo shoot tour with stunning landscape and background. Besides, it is a destination to make anyone curious about it. So give a look on our tips and make the best out of your photos!

Best places in Cairo to take pictures: 

Giza Pyramids


Yes, of course. It is obvious but we can't leave it behind. A picture by the Pyramids of Giza including either a camel or the Sphinx is a must, and there is no way how you visit Egypt and leave this one behind. Some people opt for traditional poses or the expected "Sphinx kiss" and others just jump up high and try to catch the moment. Whatever is your choice, just go for it!

Mohamed Ali Mosque


This is the most famous mosque in Egypt, located in the Citadel. The ornate details, the beautiful 52 meter-high dome, and the walls coated with alabaster will definitely give you an amazing photo shoot tour opportunity. 

Khan el Khalili


Your Cairo tour is not complete without Khan el Khalili, the XIV century souk that most probably is the oldest in the Middle East. The labyrinth streets, shoppers selling many oriental products & spices, and even people just walking are a generous offer to anyone looking for the perfect and interesting photo shoot. 

Cairo Tower


If you are the type of person who likes panoramic views and pictures then Cairo Tower is your place, from where you can see Downtown, the Nile, and, if you are lucky enough to go on a clean day, even be presented with the Giza Pyramids view. 

Egyptian Museum


The Egyptian Museum in the heart of the city not only has the biggest collection of artefacts as it is in a beautiful building designed by the French architect Marcel Dourgnon in 1901. Take advantage of the aesthetics and the vibrant exterior colour to take very nice shoots.

Marriott Mena House


This is a hotel, and as such, you should book a room to enjoy the facilities but if you do you will be blessed with a stunning view. Located right in front of the Giza Pyramids, you can take some very cool pictures by the pool with a, let's say, quite "humble" background! 

Downtown Cairo


This is your opportunity to just randomly walk around Cairo's vibrant streets. Downtown Cairo, also known as Wust El-Balad, is a place of rich architecture and tradition, and you certainly will be able to register some quite unique things, from street cats to buildings and antique cafes. It is just a blast!

Around Egypt: 

Abu Simbel Temples (Aswan)


You will get great pictures in most of the Ancient Egypt temples but surely this one should be on the top of your list and you most probably have already seen thousands of pictures there. Carved onto the rocks, the splendid temples commissioned by Ramses II for gods, himself and his queen Nefertari are considered special masterpieces. Just place yourself between Ramses II and the gods Ptah, Amun, and Re-Harakty for a selfie. What else could ever be better? 

Dendara Temple (Quena)


What is the most stunning thing about this temple is that it is not just beautiful but it still has its original colours, so of course it is worth! Dedicated to the goddess Hathor, it is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt.

Hatshepsut Temple (Luxor)


Every temple is special in its own way but Hatshepsut's definitely is the one that will give you that different photo shoot tour experience. It is the only one with an original design, and the dramatic cliffs behind it are an invitation to many clicks. 

Hypostyle Hall, Karnak Temple (Luxor)


This is one of the most famous postcards in Egypt. The Hypostyle Hall in the Karnak Temple contains impressive 134 high and thick columns that promise make the day of any photographer. 

Nubian Village (Aswan)


The Nubian Village will give you one of your most original shoots. Let your lens capture positive vibes, peaceful environment, and many colours. The Nubians are an ancient civilization who lives in South Egypt, and visitors easily fall in love with the beautiful Nubian architecture and their colourful houses. 

River Nile (Aswan)


You will enjoy the Nile River anywhere in Cairo, Luxor or Aswan, but Aswan can offer one of the best spots, may it because it is where the river is cleaner, may it be because it just fits well with the nature and many islands the place offers, such as the beautiful Kiosk of Trajan as background on the Agilkia Island. 

Siwa Oasis (Siwa)


If you have time, we highly recommend Siwa Oasis for unique pictures. There is a particular beauty in the desert and being able to capture its vastness is an opportunity you should not miss if you have the chance. 

Shali Fortress (Siwa)


There is so much in this 13th century mud-brick fortress ruins. Not only it is a labyrinth as its shape admired from far presents visitors with a stunning and full or personality view. 

White Desert (Farafra)


The White Desert is the most famous desert in Egypt and for a good reason. Words are not enough to explain what are the white wind-carved  rocks associated to mushroom shapes. There are some unique photo shooting tours you can take in life, and you better bet that this place will offer you this. 

Hurghada, Shamr El Sheikh & Dahab


If you would like to take beach pictures, you can choose any of the resorts above. Truly, the Red Sea's blue tones will mesmerize you and it is impossible not coming back home with the best summer photos.