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Top 8 Activities to Do in Egypt

Fernanda lustosa 10 June

1) Snorkelling in the Red Sea


When thinking about Egypt, hot weather and desert are among the top characteristics, and it is true.

But visitors feel usually excited by the sun bathing paradise they find by the Red Sea. From Hurghada to

Sharm El Sheikh, the amazing coral reefs offer diving experience and the warm waters are crystal clear.

The Ras Muhammad Park is the best spot to try snorkeling and there are many options, with

equipment available to rent from many places and boat trips for those who wish to see the region's



2) Spend a day in Alexandria


Alexandria, on the North Coast, was the country's capital and a culture centre for centuries. Founded by Alexander the Great it is a city that still preserves a link with the Ancient World, and luckily for visitors it is only 3h away from Cairo by train, which makes a day trip possible and pleasant. Enjoy walking along the corniche and breathing the fresh air, visit the Citadel of Qaitbay, Montazah Palace, New Library of Alexandria, and the Catacombs.


3) Shop in Khan El Khalili


Khan el Khalili, located in the Islamic neighbourhood of Cairo, is a famous bazaar that hides passageways and alleys fulfilled with a variety of shops that will make you both curious and dazzled. But it is not just any bazaar; founded in the XIV century it is one of the oldest in the Middle East and a true invitation to explore its history and the city's. The bazaar is home of the oldest coffee shop in Cairo and still keeps some original remains from its foundation. One would say that a visit to Cairo is not complete without visiting Khan El Khalili, so get your bargaining skills ready!

Khan El Khalili

4) Visit the Pyramids of Sakkara


Surely the Pyramids of Giza are the most famous attraction in Egypt but why not a combo of pyramids and include the Necropolis of Sakkara in your visits? Sakkara is just 1h away from Giza and it served as necropolis during the Old Kingdom when the capital of Egypt was Memphis. There you will see where the first pyramids where build. The site compresses the Step Pyramid, the Red Pyramid (actually the 2nd biggest in Egypt), and the Bent Pyramid. Not far from Sakkara, there are the sites of Dashur and Abu Sir, with more pyramids, if you wish to include more activities to do in Egypt.


5) Do a safari in the desert


If you are in Egypt, then you must consider going to the desert. The Land of the Pharaohs is a fantastic

place with many oases and desert trips that you can join for 2 or 3 days, depending on the distance. Do a

safari desert, join Bedouin camps and learn about their culture, enjoy activities, etc. There is a lot to see

and you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the White Desert and its rock formations, the Bahariya

Oasis, Valley of Haize, or if you have time, even explore Siwa.


6) Take a Nile Cruise


There are some rivers in the world whose existence is directly connected to a city's history but the Nile is

linked to a whole continent's life existence. Needless to say that the river causes fascination by itself,

and although quite polluted in Cairo, it is transparent blue when it reaches Luxor and Aswan. So one of

the activities to do in Egypt you should consider trying is a Nile cruise. You surely must visit the temples

in Upper Egypt, so this suggestion comes in a package: while exploring everything the Ancient World has

to offer, you have the opportunity to sail on the waters of the biggest river in the world, wake up and

enjoy a panoramic view, have fun with entertaining activities on board, and taste delicious food. So why



7) Visit Abu Simbel Temples


The Abu Simbel Temples are the second most visit attraction in Egypt, and they truly deserve this spot.

Even though pharaoh Ramses II built several temples for the worship of gods, goddess and himself, Abu Simbel is a special case. Both the Temple of Ramses and the Temple of Nefertari, carved out of rocks, are masterpieces and were saved from the waters of the river; relocated in a safer place. If you choose to visit the temples on February 22 or October 22 you will witness an amazing spectacle: the sunrays enter the temple and illuminate the deepest room and the statues in the interior.

abu simble

8) Pyramids of Giza


The most famous attraction in Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza are the burial tombs of kings Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. The Great Pyramid is the only of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World that still exists, which makes it even more special. Visitors can enjoy the opportunity to visit its interior for an extra ticket but we do not advise it to the claustrophobics. In the same site there is the not less famous Sphinx, and the Temple of the Valley. Built more than 4500 years ago, the pyramids are a powerful live memory of all what Egypt represents to human history.

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